Most people cannot stick to a proper diet or follow an exercise regimen. Thus, they turn to weight loss pills or supplements. Lorcaserin is one such weight loss drug. However, not all diet pills are useful as they claim to be. Besides, they cannot be taken for long-term or have harmful side effects. For instance, the well-known pill ‘fen-phen was banned in 1997 from the market since it caused problems to the users’ heart valves.

Fortunately, there is an answer to safe weight loss drugs for obese people. In recent clinical trials, Lorcaserin has shown to be effective and safe for weight loss. It works by targeting the hormone serotonin, which regulates hunger in the human body. Taking Lorcaserin will make users feel less hungry. Thus, it will lead to weight loss since they will be eating less. Other similar drugs like Fenfluramine were available earlier but have been banned now since it has harmful side effects. However, users need not be concerned with using Lorcaserin since its regulated dosage will prevent any side effects.

In clinical trials, over 3000 overweight persons were tested with the Lorcaserin supplement. The studies showed that the drug results in weight loss. Lorcaserin guarantees a loss of around 5% body weight. After a year, 50% of people who took Lorcaserin were shown to lose an average of 5% of body weight. Besides, it was confirmed that people who used the weight loss supplement could easily control their body weight compared to others who took a different diet pill. During the tests, users displayed some side effects, including headache, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, cough, back pain, stomach flu, muscle pain, sleeplessness, skin rash, vomiting, swelling, fatigue, and constipation. However, the side effects were triggered by overdose. Thus, users are advised to follow the daily usage guidelines strictly.

Lorcaserin should not be taken by pregnant women, lactating mothers, persons with chronic liver or kidney disease, and persons below eighteen. This supplement can help immensely in the struggle against obesity. Fortunately, overweight and obese adults can now change how they live with effective weight loss supplements like Lorcaserin.

The biggest problem of lorcaserin is the price tag. The drug is pricy more than two hundred dollars for a month’s supply. The money people save eating less it breaks even. It’s hard for obese individuals to conquer cravings, but with lorcaserin’s rake, they will no more consider food. As words get out of it, more and more physicians are using it. The drug has some common side effects, but there is a positive result of weight loss. This drug has dropped many individual’s weight in no less time. If you want to shed weight, you can give it a try.


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