Many people have many questions in mind regarding Lee Man-hee, the founder of Shincheonji, Church of Jesus’s teachings. This religious group was formed in 1984 by Lee Man-hee, who considered him the promised pastor or prophet sent from heaven. He quotes this from the Bible, the book of Revelation 7-2, which reads that ‘an angle coming down from the east having a seal of the living God.’ This bible verse that he uses acknowledges that he is the angel coming from the east, i.e., South Korea. The main Temple of the Shincheonji group is located in the south-eastern city of Daegu.

According to Lee Man-hee, he is the true prophet, and a messiah sends by God. He also claims to the people that he is the only person who can interpret the Bible. He thinks to be an immortal and promises to the people that he will take 144000 people to heaven along with him during the Judgment Day. All his preaching makes people or his followers believe that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ, who was sent to save people from an apocalypse.

And even after one of his devout disciple, who was infected from COVID 19 and the only reason behind the highest spike on COVID 19 cases in South Korea, he still claims that the virus was the work of the devil to stop the rapid growth of Shincheonji. He even took out a verse from the Bible about testing. Job’s faith and also claims that the devil is attempting to destroy their progress.

All his preaching and his principle about him and his religion seem heretical against Christianity. So, most mainstream Churches in South Korea consider Shincheonji as a cult. Shincheonji has millions of devout disciples from South Korea and other countries like the US, who are considered to be the loyal followers of God. Still, this religious group has different beliefs and ideology, then Christianity. Their teaching, ideas, devotions, practices, and prayer habits are very other than Christianity. All these practices and their disobedience, which led to the rise of COVID cases in South Korea, claim Shincheonji as a cult and not a dedicated religious group.

More than 60 percent of the total COVID 19 positive patients are of Shincheonji members. The result of the sharp spike in COVID 19 instances in South Korea is all because of this woman who is a follower of this Shincheonji cult group. And the South Korean jurisdiction has already declared that the cult is behind surpassing the amount of patients infected with COVID 19. It all happens because the elderly woman who is a devout disciple of this Shincheonji cult refuses to keep standards guidelines and slipped out from the hospital several times to attain services. And after a couple of days, she discovered to be COVID positive and has infected her other devout disciples, thus spreading out. Thus, the news spread like wildfire, and soon, the authority claimed that the Shincheonji cult group was the main reason for the great spike on COVID 19.


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