3D is the latest casual arcade game backed by VooDoo. The purpose of this game is just like, 2, and 3. You have to pay as much space as possible with your 3D shape. The gameplay remains the same as well. The longer you are able to survive in the game, the more gamers look. This increases the difficulty level.

The latest edition of the sport has its own updated features. 3 includes its own intuitive controls. This helps you guide your cube paint across the contours. To find the highest rankings on the scoreboards, colour as much space as you can. You can achieve this by drawing closed contours with your 3D contour to fill areas. You could also repaint territories that are stolen by opponents by surrounding them and shutting the shape. However, players should avoid hitting their very own tail. 3D is as amusing as the previous variants of the game. It’s simple controls that make it player-friendly. It’s a dynamic gameplay that gets you hooked. Unlike the previous version, 3D draws 3D shapes along with your cube. Even when you eliminate the game, the progress will be saved, and you can continue with your previous score. It is also possible to receive an excess life if you see an ad. A certain amount of stars can be achieved after one match. The concept is easy to understand however has a unique charm that keeps players participated and trying for that 100 percent completion.

The setting is on a rotating block that revolves because you transfer your 3D block for more territory. As you collect celebrities, you unlock new planets. Moreover, there are numerous challenges for players to finish. As soon as you achieve these challenges, you receive avatar skins for your 3D cubes. All these avatars also add extra graphics to your previous plain land. 3D premiered on 8 January 2020 and was last updated in November 2020. The sport is supported on both Android and iOS operators.

It’s more freedom and control over the direction of the player’s movement. These days, there are around five classic game-mode — Vintage newspaper: io2, Little Map, quick Speed, World Conflict, and Teams. The first release date of this game has been released on 9th August 2018. This game can be found on platforms like iOS, Android, and Microsoft windows.


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