There are manifold advantages of possessing an additional screen when a laptop or PC malfunctions. Sometimes, an extra screen is merely kept on hand to enhance the viewing experience of the HD pixels device. Apple’s iMac has a top-quality screen. However, its incompatibility with other PCs limited its benefits. It was impossible to share the iMac screen until the development of the helpful feature known as Target Display Mode. In simple terms, this TDM allows for exclusive screen utilization to other PCs via the iMac’s Mini Display Port. Thus, this might be the answer to how to use imac as monitor.

Let’s first learn about Apple’s iMac TDM. Apple first introduced use imac as monitor the TDM in its 2009 iMac model. This Target Display Mode became an immediate hit with the users since it gave restricted access to the iMac HD screen. Users needed only the DVI, HDMI standards, and proper adapters for functionality. The older iMac models, game consoles, and non-Apple products can work well with the Target Display Mode. Although TDM was limited to audio and video-only, the feature was incorporated in the 2010 iMac model.

Apple’s iMacs have one of the top-notch displays available nowadays. If someone is lucky enough to have the 4k Retina Monitor, their workflow will be made more pleasant by the lively screen. Besides, one can use the TDM for connecting a MacBook with an iMac. So, for those folks wondering if and how to use imac as monitor, the answer is yes. However, one needs to have a compatible PC and iMac and a special adapter/cable. If the iMac has Retina Display, it is impossible.

The question of how to use imac as monitor will be answered here systematically. First, check if it is possible to use the iMac as an alternative monitor. Second, check the ports and the iMac features such as the Mini Display Port or Thunderbolt. However, it may not be effortless. So, check the compatible models. The late 2014 iMac models are compatible. One can also use a Display port or HDMI with a proper adapter.


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